Relaxation techniques for tense neck & shoulders?

Do you know any relaxation techniques for tense neck & shoulders? I’m kind of stressed and I’ve noticed that I am holding a lot of tension. Since I have to work through the stressful situations, can you provide some techniques? thanks.

Deep breathing, meditation are known relaxation technique.

Massage is also a fantastic technique for reducing stress and inducing deep relaxation.


Along with the relaxation technique here are few tips:


	 - Drink chamomile tea which is a great nerve tonic. To add a nutritional boost to your tea, add some raw honey and stir it into the hot tea. It help to optimize your health and ward off unwanted stress.

	- Try consuming foods loaded with omega-3 each morning. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to enhance cognitive function and naturally combat stress.

	- Do exercise for 15-20 minutes. Proper exercise is a fantastic method of ‘working off’ stress and leading to a higher state of relaxation.