Remedies for gum boils

Tea Bag: lacing a dry black tea bag against the sore tooth can help draw out the infection. Insert the tea bag between your cheek and the gum boil and keep it there for several hours or leave it in overnight. This should help reduce the pain and swelling.

[b]Hydrogen Peroxide[/b]: Use hydrogen peroxide rinses to cleanse the mouth and disinfect the inflamed gum. Tea tree oil, colloidal silver, or grapefruit seed extract diluted in water may also be used for the same purpose.

[b]Goldenseal[/b]: Treat the abscessed tooth with a goldenseal tincture. After three or four applications, the gum boil should burst and drain. Be sure and rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide afterward.

[b]Vitamins[/b]: Vitamin C, 1000mgs three times a day, and garlic capsules, 300mgs three or four times a day, will act as natural antibiotics to fight the gum boil infection.