remedy for cracked tongue

Front of my tongue has cracks in it hurts…i think from vitamins and diabetic meds.

  • Check the affected tongue on a regular basis for any unusual signs. Make a point to include tongue cleaning as a part of brushing routine. For those who have deep clefts, brushing tongue should be done after each meal. Regular tongue cleaning is a good approach to improve tongue health and prevent infections.

  • It is advisable to use a brush for rubbing the upper surface of the tongue. This helps in dislodging food particles from the grooves (if any). Even using a tongue cleaner works in getting rid of unwanted particles from fissures. Following this, rinse mouth repeatedly.

  • In case of fissured tongue pain that gets worsened after having spicy or acidic foods, try to identify the food items and eliminate them from the diet plan. Also, yeast infection is a risk of cracked tongue. To help heal this, a good cracked tongue cure is using probiotics.

  • In some people, fissured tongue is associated with bad breath, which is very embarrassing. It may be because of foods that get stuck inside the cracks, which make a breeding site for anaerobic bacteria. This bacterial growth may lead to formation of a white coating in the tongue surface.

  • If such is the case, remove the white coat first and then use oxygenated toothpaste of a reliable brand. This type of toothpaste aids in increasing the oxygen level inside mouth, thereby impairing the growth of anaerobic bacteria.