Remedy for dog bite?

Moderately shallow, broke the skin, approximately 1/8 inch wide x 1 1/4 inch across the top of the foot, occurred 4 days ago, has been treated with hydrogen peroxide, bactine spray, and neosporin with aloe. Foot has been intermittently elevated and ice pack has been applied, however, swelling is getting worse.

I realize the obvious answer is to go to a hospital, etc. But I need a home remedy and I don’t need anyone asking about the offending dog, who has been recently checked and is safe for rabies, but is also a pit bull (7 months) who did it by accident and I’m not taking the chances of his survival because of the negative prejudice against a dog breed.

Please, also note that I’m not unreasonable or a doctor. If this absolutely needs to be seen by a doctor, that’s what I’ll do. I’m just not much for alarmists. Thank you.