removing sliver of glass from foot

How can I remove a sliver of glass from someone’s foot?

Along with a splinter ,… Take baking soda and a bandaid . Cover the area where the object is under the skin with a paste made of said baking soda, cover with bandaid and wait. The baking soda makes the object back track out of the skin. Bandaid is there to keep it on the skin till said object is out or to point of being able to remove. Good luck!!

I usually try tape first. I (GENTLY) dab away any blood or moisture with a clean soft medium that’s not likely to push the shard ANY deeper ( think damp TP, not dry paper towels), & I’m prepped with anything from Gorilla to Duct to box to Scotch tape (sticky side out)ALREADY PREPPED (i.e.: wrapped Gently/Loosely (so it can be easily rotated around your hand & 4 fingers easily) around whichever hand & tape are most advantageous for the task. If you KNOW, but ONLY if you POSITIVELY KNOW, the direction the shard entered, you can either gently move your taped hand along in the OPPOSITE direction the shard entered OR, gently (aaagain, I know) dab one area of skin at a time and carefully spin the tape manually, between dabbing, on your hand so you DON’T USE THE SAME SPOT TWICE just in case there happens to be any other shards you could inadvertently press into your skin.
So, if you get a shard in your left foot that went in from the front & dug in toward your heel, you would begin at the heel & work ur way toward ur toes

Ugh I’ve been there. If it’s just one small bit not too deep in the foot, First try to remove it with tweezers. You can also try the ER but if it’s too small they can’t do anything about it anymore than you could with tweezers. Luckily the ER doctors assured me that the body’s natural rejecting mechanism will force the glass out on its own, and sure enough after three days it was out and the pain was gone. Just be sure to keep the foot clean and free from infection.