safely get rid spiders house

Vacuum Clean Your House

It is important to keep your house clean and clutter-free to prevent any kind of insect infestation, including spiders.

vacuum clean your house to get rid of spiders

It is important to clean common spider-attracting areas, such as stacks of storage boxes, piles of newspapers and old magazines, under-bed storage and crowded under-sink storage.

While vacuuming, make sure to eliminate all the spider webs, along with the spiders and their egg sacs.

Each week, vacuum behind and beneath the bed, cupboards, sofa, chairs, nightstands and other furniture to clean up any webs.
Use your vacuum’s hose attachment to clean air ducts and registers.
Use an extension dusting pole to clean ceilings, light fixtures and corners.
Keep your bookshelves clean and clutter-free.
Cover your vents and kitchen chimney with fine mesh insect screens.
Fill up cracks and holes with caulk to prevent spiders from finding their way indoors.
Keep boxes, old equipment and other items neatly stored on shelves, particularly in garages and basements.

Peppermint Oil

When it comes to repelling spiders, one of the best options to try at home is peppermint oil. Spiders simply cannot tolerate its strong smell and it compels them to run away from your house.

As an added bonus, peppermint will make your house smell nice.

Pour 3 cups of water in a spray bottle. Add 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in it to help spread the water evenly on the surfaces you intend to spray it on. Mix in 1 tablespoon of peppermint oil. Give the spray bottle a nice shake. Spray this solution on all the possible places where you expect the spiders to be. Repeat once daily for a few days.
Soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and place them in the cracks and gaps around doors and windows. Change the cotton balls daily until you stop noticing spiders in your house.
You can even grow peppermint plants in your kitchen garden

White Vinegar

White vinegar is another efficient natural spider repellent.

Just like peppermint, spiders hate the strong pungent smell of white vinegar. It will drive away all the spiders in no time. Its acetic acid can even burn and kill spiders upon contact.

Moreover, this nontoxic method is safe for you as well as your pets.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
Spray this solution on any area where spiders can hide.
Also, spray it directly on any spider you see.
Repeat once daily until the spiders are completely gone.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) powder is made from naturally-formed fossils of microscopic water-dwellers called diatoms.This powder can solve all kinds of pest problems, including spiders.

Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of spiders

It has microscopic razor-sharp edges that can abrade the skin of a spider when it walks over or through it. Once cut, the fluid leaks out of the spider’s body, which causes the creature to dry out and ultimately die.

Put a fine layer of DE around cracks, corners, windowsills, basements and anywhere else you expect spiders to be.
Also, lightly spread DE around the perimeter of your home to keep spiders from coming in.
Repeat once daily until all the spiders are gone.