Simple ways to celebrate easter with your toddler

Color Easter Eggs

Kids of all ages love breaking out the Easter egg dye! Make this tradition even more fun by trying out different techniques each year. You can even organize a ‘vote’ to see which types of colored eggs your kids like best. For example, you might compare old-fashioned, ‘traditional’ food coloring Easter eggs with marbled Easter eggs. Or encourage your kids to get creative and come up with techniques of their own. It may be

Attend a Community Easter Egg Hunt

Grab a few Easter baskets and take your kids to a local Easter Egg Hunt. In fact, community events like these are great opportunities to invite friends and neighbors — or even your co-parent — along. And don’t forget to bring your camera! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the smiles on your kids’ faces

Play Easter Egg Games

Make a traditional Easter egg hunt even more fun by adding your own Easter games, like an egg and spoon relay, an egg toss, or an egg roll. Invite your kids to create new games of their own, too. If you have kids of multiple ages, let the older ones teach the younger ones how to play. Be sure to include your neighbors and make it an annual affair