six ways to sleep better during twin pregnancy


Catching up on sleep during the day can alleviate fatigue after a restless night. Your body will let you know when to rest, so find a quiet spot and give in to your drowsiness. Even a quick catnap of 20 or 30 minutes will refresh you.

Body Pillow

A body pillow can support your pregnant form in a comfortable position and ease the strain on your muscles and spine. Look for one that is at least five feet long and are designed to support the back and cradle the belly.

Body pillows are definitely a worthwhile investment, but they’re not right for everyone. You can improvise by using a combination of regular bed pillows. Some women find that these offer a little more flexibility as they get further along in their pregnancy.


“A friend gave us an old recliner. I slept in it for the last month of my pregnancy, and then, since I had a C-section, I continued to sleep in it for about another two weeks after the twins were born.” ~ Mom of twins

If you just can’t get comfortable in bed, consider a roomy recliner. You may find it more comfortable than lying flat.

Before you buy or have your partner drag a recliner into the house, make sure it works for you. For used recliners, make sure there are no issues like broken springs or uncomfortable cushions that will prevent you from sleeping.

Also, be sure that you can get in and out of it. It may sound silly at first, but as you progress in your pregnancy you will understand this advice.