sore breast during pregnancy

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Wear a comfortable bra; you may even want to visit a maternity shop. A supportive bra will allow room for pregnancy growth and decrease the tightness and that overfull feeling.

To prevent chafing, consider bras with softer fabric and the absence of seams near the nipple. Seams rubbing against ultra sensitive breasts will make the situation more unbearable.

Don’t be afraid to wear a maternity bra, and perhaps even a nursing bra in your third trimester. At night, a sleep bra for expectant mothers is a welcome relief.

Very normal and the pain will go away mostly at about 14 weeks. You can take a warm shower or use a hot wash cloth. It can help the pain go down.

Sore boobs are one of the first signs of pregnancy, but as your breasts continue to change they may be uncomfortable on and off throughout the whole nine months. Here are a few tips to help bring some relief.

Get a good bra
Your breasts can grow up to two cup sizes during pregnancy, so support them with with a well-fitting bra that will help keep soreness to a minimum.

Avoid underwiring, which can restrict your breasts and damage developing milk ducts, and seams which could irritate sensitive skin. Most department stores offer a free fitting service, so get measured once at the end of the first trimester then again just before your due date.

Sore breasts can be a major pain in pregnancy, particularly in early pregnancy. This is caused from the hormonal changes as your breasts begin to prepare for breastfeeding. You may notice that your breasts are sore to the touch, ache in general and begin growing, very early in pregnancy. Here are some tips for dealing with sore breasts in pregnancy:

  • Wear a sports bra.
    A sports bra can help minimize movement of your breasts, which is one reason you might feel pain.

  • Sleep in a bra.
    You might find that sleeping in a bra is helpful to minimize movement and help with tenderness.

  • Avoid contact.
    Sometimes it’s important to be hands off. Be sure to communicate this to your partner in a loving way, rather than snapping and hurting their feelings.

  • Shower Spray
    This one can go either way. Try getting into a warm shower and letting the stream hit your breasts. Some mothers find it comforting, while others find it painful. If it’s painful, avoid it; if it feels good, do it.

  • Wear breast pads.
    Breast pads can help shield your nipple from the lining of your bra. This can be particularly painful if there is a seam that runs through the inside of the cup of your bra. Look for seamless bras, too.