stroke warning signs shouldnt ignore

The keywords for a stroke are ‘sudden’ and ‘severe’. If a person complains of sudden numbness or is experiencing weakness in his/her arms, legs or face, don’t ignore it. Conduct a fast test by extending the person’s arms (palms up) for 10 seconds. If one arm drifts downwards, it is a sign of stroke.

Stroke impairs a person’s ability to understand speech. The person lands in a state of confusion as the brain stops its cognitive processes and stops sending out signals to the body to react.

Most people who suffer from a stroke suddenly have trouble seeing in one or both eyes. Again, this symptom appears suddenly and is not to be mistaken for chronic eye trouble

A person can experience a severe headache for no reason when he/she is suffering from a stroke. Women are more likely to have a headache during a stroke than men.