Swelling in left testicles

I have swelling in left testicles and its also a bit dragged. It does not pain nor do I have any other problems as such. I got it checked by a doctor and I was give some antibiotics and medicine to cure swelling. I took medicine for a week but the swelling and dragness still persist.

Does the above symptoms I mentioned indicates that I have testicular Varicocele?

i have swelling in my left testicle , no pain , i was taking so natural testostone pills for energy, it got larger so i stoped them, I feel good ,my ph is somewhat acidic . Is there a natural cure

It may be varicocele as it is usually found on the left side. A varicocele often produces no signs or symptoms. Rarely, it may cause pain. With time, varicoceles may enlarge and become more noticeable.

Varicocele treatment may not be necessary. However, if your varicocele causes pain, testicular atrophy or infertility, you may want to undergo varicocele repair.

Be sure to discuss all your treatment possibilities with your doctor, including complete information on risks, success rates, and recovery times.