Swollen Penis with ring shape wrinkles

Hello All,
I wan’t to share my problem and looking for an answer.
I’am having a problem from last 1 month.I’m unmarried I’m masturbating since I was 15 and now I’m 27, … 4,5 times a day. But problem I’m having now has never happened before. 3 weeks ago I was masturbating and when I applied oil, I felt that oil was a Jamba Oil (In India & Pakistan it is called Tarameera Oil, I searched name Jamba oil on the internet, This oil is not easy to use. Itching is normal with the use of this oil) . After using this for 3,4 days, I felt that there was something wrong with my penis, and when I looked in my trouser, I saw that my penis was swollen and there were rings on it for under the head to end of the penis, all over it. and skin of my testicles was had and felt the same swelling and wrinkles on testicles too. I though ok tomorrow I’ll visit a doctor. but in the morning itching was not there and swelling also decreased. So I ignored it. in 2,3 days swelling was fully gone.but I noticed another thing, my penis is circumcised but skin on my penis was looking like rolled out under the penis head. just like an uncircumcised penis but with double amount.and itching is too much.I can’t stop when I start itching.

and now after 2 weeks I did masturbation only once with the same oil, and its happening again. I have heard that this Taramira Oil is very good. people use it on head and body in Asia. But I don’t what wrong with me.

first of all stop using that oil and also stop masturbation. Give some rest NOW! masturbation can damage your penis veins permenently so just be careful.

Take rest and have some good diet to recover health. Consult doctor if you penis is still swollen. Oil might be allergic to you.

What kind of diet can help?