the benefits of oxygen therapy

Prolongs Life
Perhaps the most important reason for using long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) is that, in COPD patients with severe resting hypoxemia (low blood oxygen levels), it prolongs life when used at least 15 hours a day In fact, average survival in COPD patients using LTOT at least 18 hours a day is two times longer than COPD patients who don’t use supplemental oxygen.2 If you’ve been prescribed supplemental oxygen, it’s important that you recognize when you’re not in compliance with your oxygen prescription and to discuss alternative oxygen delivery strategies with your health care provider.

Decreases Breathlessness
Breathlessness is by far the most troubling symptom of COPD and contributes to everything from social isolation to lack of exercise. Supplemental oxygen has been found to reduce the level of breathlessness in patients with COPD and is associated with a reduced rate of breathing during exercise, as well

Improves Quality of Life
Oxygen therapy enhances quality of life by improving mood and sleep, increasing mental alertness and stamina and allowing you to carry out normal daily activities. It’s also associated with the prevention of heart failure in people with severe lung disease