the surprising benefits of re runs

If you find yourself watching television to de-stress, don’t be too quick to chastise yourself for wasting time; you may be smarter about stress relief than you realize. Research suggests that watching television, particularly re-runs, brings specific benefits for stress management. Learn more about what these are, and pat yourself on the back.

know this isn’t something that will make me sound particularly cultured, erudite or even mature, but I have a secret passion for re-run comedies. I have a few favorite shows that I love to watch over and over. When I’m feeling stressed, I know that exercise or meditation will relieve my stress in the short run and build resilience in the long run, but sometimes I’m more likely to climb in bed and watch a re-run, them emerge from my cocoon with more energy and patience.

It’s true.

If you’re someone who also finds yourself doing this, or if you’re completely perplexed by why I would enjoy this, I have some interesting news for you. It turns out that research sheds some light on why people are drawn to this type of stress relief, and it makes sense. Apparently, it’s all about replenishing our energy reserves with a little low-stress, soothing “social” time.