things i love about having twins

Double Blessings

Every child fills their parents’ hearts and home with joy. That’s what I really love about having twins. Everybody says it (well. after they get over the twinshock !) and it really is true - you really do get double the love and joy although you may have to wait a while to really feel the benefit. Holding twins in my arms was so incredible after waiting such a long time to have them. Holding hands with two toddlers – one on the right. and one on the left – while crossing the street makes me feel so proud and yes. I love the attention that having twins brings too. Double hugs. double kisses. mummy-in-the-middle “sandwich” cuddles on the couch… life just doesn’t get any better than that !

A Mind of their Own !

Parenting happens in stages.& I found it much easier to manage two infants or two toddlers. than those mothers having to try and juggle the needs of a baby and a pre-schooler. These phases of parenthood are experienced more intensely. sometimes. because they are simultaneous. but I love it that way. Yes. the first year is tough. very tough but even during this there are moments of sheer joy like their first smiles and giggles and they also start to develop their own personalities and ways of getting what they want !

Magical Milestones

It’s always exciting to see your child meet a milestone. But when two or more multiples accomplish their goals simultaneously. it’s a wonderful experience for a family. For example. I was bursting with pride when both of my twins spoke for the first time and then started to talk to each other or when they did their first painting and proudly held it up to show mummy. One of my girls had a long physical delay so her sister was running long before she could even stand. Once she reached the goal of standing on her own. there was no stopping the two of them and her sister held her hand and helped her learn to run and jump it was truly moving to see them achieve so much together.