things to stop if you love an alcoholic

Education Is Key- The more you know about addiction, the more confident and empowered you will be when dealing with your loved one. Knowing the right questions to ask when considering the best course of treatment, dealing with your insurance company or taking care of your own needs can bring order and balance to a situation that feels chaotic and out-of-control. The more you know, the better.

It’s Not Your Fault. As a kid raised by alcoholic parents, I believed that their addictions were completely my fault. I believed that if I was smarter, prettier or quicker at memorizing the multiplication table, that they wouldn’t have a reason to drink and their problems would fade away. I carried this ridiculous belief with me well into my adulthood and my self-esteem took quite a beating because of it. It wasn’t until I realized that their problems were firmly in play long before I was even born, that I was able to see that my parents were responsible for their life choices. It wasn’t until I honestly believed that their addictions weren’t my fault or my responsibility to fix, that my own recovery could begin.
Things to Remember If You Love an Alcohol, learning that your daughter, husband, cousin, brother or best friend is an alcoholic can leave you feeling isolated. And the newfound shame and embarrassment that you experience as a result can prevent you and your family from reaching out for the support you need.