things you didnt know about introverts

We’re quiet all right, but that doesn’t mean nothing’s happening in our minds. Extroverts leave it all out there—they think things and then say them almost immediately. For us, we think things and don’t say them. Not yet, at least.

While you’re watching us in silence our minds are probably off 1,000 miles from here, thinking about next week’s workload, that time we stole the cookie from the kitchen counter, and why that person over there keeps glancing at us.

Our intuition is both a good and bad thing. Almost all of the time introverts can feel when something goes off kilter immediately. That’s the good part. The bad part is that when we’re wrong about something we still feel right because our intuition feels so strong.

We see the unseen in everyday situations. It’s because we’re so observant and dedicating all of our energy to taking in our surroundings.