top things twins hate to hear

“If I Pinch You, Does Your Twin Feel It?”

For some reason, people find this a fascinating concept - the idea that when one twin experiences a stimulus, the other twin will have a physical reaction to the sensation. Not only do they ask this question, but they want to test out the theory by pinching or hitting. While twins do share a strong bond, it isn’t exactly a metaphysical phenomenon. Some twins do report experiencing unusual physical sensations in response to their twin’s condition. For example, a twin sister reported feeling abdominal pain when her sister was delivering a baby. However, most twins don’t ever encounter such a situation. If they do, they’ll tell you about it. No need to inquire.

“I Like You Better Than Your Twin.”

I suppose this is kinder than telling someone, “I like your twin better than you.” But this type of statement makes twins very uncomfortable. They don’t like to be compared – favorably or unfavorably. Like them for who they are, not for how they stack up against each other.

“Are You Twins?”

This is one the questions that parents of twins grapple with long before twins have to answer for themselves. It’s not a particularly ridiculous question, just perpetual. I think the reason that twins don’t like it is because it is usually accompanied by a lot of staring and scrutiny, and precedes further annoying dialogue which often includes many of the other annoying questions and statements on this list.