trick or treaters when you have social anxiety

I wouldn’t like it at all if I thought any trick or treaters were going to come to my door. It’s very unlikely to happen though because I live out in the country. Around here people turn on their porch lights to signal that they are open to trick or treaters. If you don’t turn on the porch light, they don’t stop at your house.

I’ve never heard of anyone Christmas caroling out here. Maybe churches do it amongst their own members but I don’t think anyone would go to someone’s house to do it where they would be unexpected or uninvited.

I hate opening the doors to trick or treaters. I hated it even more when I had to accompany my younger brother at trick or treating last time when all I’d wanted to do was get on with my studying and be in the warmth.

I find it to be overwhelming, especially when they yell, “TRICK OR TREAT!”

It’s mean, I know, but all I want to do in response is slam the door shut and hide. I live in London on a packed road so I have no choice.