warning signs body full parasites

Change of appetite and weight loss – What can indicate a pinworm or tapeworm infestation is combination of increased appetite with weight loss. You may already guessed why is that so – because the parasites eats the same food you consume and that is why you feel hungry more than usual, so in case you notice this happening to you immediately go to the doctor.

Fatigue and weakness – What will leave you depressed, exhausted and a feeling of apathy is a weak body and the body can become weak when there is malabsorption of essential minerals, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. And can you guess what is causing the malabsorption of the vital nutrients? – The intestinal worms feeding on the food you consume. And we already mentioned that they can produce toxins inside the body and that is what will make your organs to work harder in order to eliminate the waste causing fatigue, low energy and weakness. If you sleep and eat properly but you are still feeling fatigue, consult your doctor.

Abdominal pain – What can lead to bloated feeling and pain is a parasite that lives in the upper small intestinal region because it will cause inflammation and irritation. The pain in the upper part in the abdomen is caused due to blocked passage of waste products to exit from the body and the parasites are capable of doing that. Fluke, hookworms, tapeworm and roundworm are connected with this kind of pain.

Chronic digestive problems – The intestinal lining to the gut is destroyed when there is inflammation caused by intestinal parasite infestation, and that is leading to chronic diarrhea. If you consume foods high in fiber and that are highly alkaline every day and you still get to have diarrhea, visit a doctor