was fordert cellulite

Seldom sizzle, please! The elastic fibers of the connective tissue lose the tension, especially through UVA light. Brittle fat cells can so easily expand towards the top skin layer and smile as unsightly bumps under the bikini. A high UV filter protects.

Don’t smoke! Nicotine narrows the vessels. The oxygen supply of the tissue and the removal of metabolic end products are hindered. In addition, free radicals from the glow stick damage the skin cells.

After salting out! Too much saline binds water in the body and favors its storage. Tip: sparingly spicy, instead season with herbs. Attention: Fast food and fast food are “salt bombs”!

A slow weight reduction by low-fat diet and sports in principle reduces the cellulite. Crash diets weaken the elastic fibers of the tissue by the release of free radicals. If the fetal cells are filled again, the connective tissue is overstretched.