was gegen cellulite am po

Sports exercises against cellulite are easy to carry out at home. Those who regularly train their po and show perseverance tightens the connective tissue and removes fat cells - thus counteracting the causes of orange skin.

Sports exercises against cellulite: bridge the bridge

One way to train the Po is the exercise “Bridge”. Lay back with your back on the floor and set your legs angled up. Your arms lie stretched beside you on the body, the palms pointing down.

Now raise the pelvis so far that the thigh and upper body form a straight line. Tighten the buttocks and keep the balance with your hands. This sports exercise against cellulite should last about ten seconds. After ten repetitions, you can repeat the Po training after a short pause or continue with another exercise.

ther sporting activities include the Po training in the quadruple stand. Stand on the ground with all fours on elbows and knees. Upper and lower arms here form a right angle. Now stretch the left and right leg alternately. The upper and lower legs form a 90-degree angle. Repeat this exercise for the butt with each leg ten times.

To complement the sports exercises against cellulite, you can also train your butt on your belly: lie flat on the floor and cross your arms in front of your face. The view goes down, the Po is tense. Now lift the right leg. The tip points downwards. Raise each leg alternately ten times. Repeat this exercise for cellulite three times per leg.