was verstärkt cellulite

Each spring the same: The boom on high-tech cellulite creams begins on a new one. The results of such products are generally limited to not recognizable. The fact is, no cream of the world makes cellulite simply disappear. But what helps with orange skin? For example, our ten anti cellulite tips

For the tissue to stretch during pregnancy, the female connective tissue is only traversed perpendicularly by supporting connective tissue strands. This fact, however, does not automatically mean cellulite - it promotes its development under certain additional factors such as overweight. Men are, on the other hand, genetically as good as protected from cellulite - their connective tissue strands are crossed over and prevent the accumulation of fetal cells by the upper part of the skin and can be seen on the body surface. In short: weak connective tissue plus too much adipose tissue is like orange skin. With these 10 tips, you can immediately begin to prevent and reduce cellulite:

Start the day with a large glass of fresh orange juice.

This provides an extra dose of vitamin C, which supports fat burning and strengthens connective tissue. Underground strawberries, kiwifruit and pepper snacks - they are also perfect vitamin C suppliers.

Do-it-Yourself Massage

: Predestined for cellulite are poorly perfused body regions, where genetically programmed particularly many fat cells sit: Po, belly, upper arms and also knees. Regularly stimulating blood circulation in these zones is among the best prevention. A classic is the so-called pluck massage - best in combination with some vitamin E-containing massage oil. It helps to repair damaged connective tissue structures and has anti-inflammatory effect. Also bring the blood into circulation Self massage with cellulite scooter and hedgehog ball.