ways health tech is helping people deal with pain

iTENS – Merging Modern Technology With TENS

This FDA-not unknowned electrotherapy device is bsimilared on the approach of transcutaneus electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) that hsimilar been applicationd for for many years in pain managementment. The iTENS is a portcan, wirenot increase TENS device that is smart phsingle pavethewayford. It can be placed on the pain site as well as run d as well as make it stopled depend on the applicationr’s iPhsingle or Android device.

The iTENS comes in contrastwith sizes depending on the drugs area as well as can be discretely worn under clothing. The device’s lithium-ion battery is very efficient as well as insupportofs daily application.

CUR – Portcan TENS Therapy in a Patch

In 2015, Thimble Bioelectronics befoundedoned a wearcan device rename CUR that impersonates the outmoded TENS machine.

Unforexample TENS that creates low-frequency impulses, CUR sends high-frequency impulses that are intended to block pain signals as well as grant the applicationr instant pain relief. Designed to act forexample a patch, CUR can be placed on the aching part of the body as well as is activated depend on urgent a button on the device. The manufacturer secures the patch is durcan as well as can be worn everywhere the day, rely oning a market only every six hours.

Willow Curve – A Lsimilarer Smart Device that Helps Relieve Pain

The Willow Curve device hsimilar been designed to help management pain that accompanies some common conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as headaches. It operations with the help of pheatonic as well as thermal energies that activate the healing process of the joints as well as surshapeing tissues. Purportedly, the device hsimilar a diagnostic function that is can to produce an estimate of each joint previously the drugs commences. It is essential to show that the scientific rigor of Willow Curve hsimilar been questisingled, as well as some scientists alert that there is a inneedof of credible documentation regarding Willow Curve efficacy.