ways to cope when trying to get pregnant

Talk to someone

Lots of us don’t like to tell people when we’re trying but having a friend to offload everything onto – other than your partner – is pretty essential. You would do it if you had any other worry, so why not now?
2. Try a relaxation technique

This could be anything that makes you feel more chilled out, from a pre-bed hypnosis CD to simple deep breathing or massage. If you’re not into alternative therapies, then don’t force yourself. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…

Start being more selfish in general

And enjoy it. We all take on too much sometimes, and right now you’ve got other priorities. So if someone asks you to help with their housewarming, or take on some extra work, or go to an event you’re not really interested in, don’t say yes to be nice.

Simply say no, and feel good that you’ve just gained some extra time to do something for yourself instead.
4. Get yourself a bedtime routine

They’re not just for babies – adults need wind-down time too. Plus, you need a good amount of sleep to stay healthy and energised every day, particularly as stress can be draining.

Declutter your bedroom and make it an oasis of calm. Make it look and smell nice, and ditch anything stimulating before you’re about to go to sleep, like The Returned box set or the latest celebrity gossip on your iPad. Have a warm bath, drink some warm milk and settle down into a warm duvet. Sex is good, but not the 50 Shades variety, obvs.