ways to deal with mean moms that bully

Be yourself

You are who you are so don’t try to change to fit into this new setting. You don’t need to adopt the mummy uniform whether it be half of the Joules catalogue or a slummy tracksuit; continue to wear what you would have worn before your child started school. Some days you will wake up and want to grab yesterday’s jeans, and the next you may fancy wearing a mini skirt; either are fine as you can wear what you want! You are an adult; you have delivered your children into this world but for some reason mummies feel they need to conform to fit in.

You don’t have to be friends

The only thing you have in common is that your children are the same age so remind yourself that you don’t have to be liked by everyone. In any other social setting, you would find a few friends and the rest would fade into the background so don’t worry so much in the playground.

Avoid the cliques

Every playground has a clique or two that you may long to join, just to feel accepted. Don’t. Unless of course it is filled with ladies that you have loads in common with, that are nice and that you are naturally drawn to. The clique always has a boss, like any mafia group, who will look you up and down to determine whether you are good enough to join. Don’t. My way of dealing with those looks which tell me that I am not good enough is to bound over and deliver a jolly “hi”, then walk off. Don’t let them make you feel small. Don’t let them win.