ways to develop early sight word skills at home

Increase Your Child’s Visual and Language Recognition Skills
Whenever the opportunity presents itself, point out objects in pictures, and say the name of the object to your child. Use pictures of familiar objects, magazine photos and objects in catalogs. This activity helps your child develop vocabulary, verbal reasoning skills, visual processing, image recognition and memory.

Label Objects in Your Home for Your Toddler and Preschooler
On index cards, print names of common household objects. Attach the cards to the objects they represent. As your child uses these objects, point out and say the words on the cards.

You can also find catalog pictures of the objects, cut them out and glue them to the index cards for more reinforcement. When your child uses an object in the house, such as a chair, ask her to show you its name. If she needs help, show her the label and say, “This is a chair.”

Be positive and smile. Making this fun for both of you is an important way to help your child enjoy learning.

Make Sensory Labels for Household Objects
Try decorating the words on the flashcards. Allow your child to choose decorations to glue over the lines of the letters. Once dry, you will have cards with raised ridges of glue forming the letters.

Tactile learners can feel the letters as they learn. Preschoolers can make interesting letters by pasting on pasta, yarn or sequins to the letters. Your child can trace over the letters with her fingers as she learns them if she chooses to do so.

Place the cards on the matching objects. As always, cheer your child on for a job well done. When ready, have your child practice making sensory labels with blank cards.