ways to have fun racing

Ways to Have Fun Racing

Do you get serious pre-race anxiety, so much that you almost don’t even enjoy racing anymore? It may be time to shake things up and try to make racing fun again. Here are some things to try so you can relax and enjoy racing more.

Try a theme race.
Theme races are all the rage right now, from color runs to down-and-dirty obstacle course races to middle-of-the-night electric runs. Try one of these fun theme races and you’ll find yourself focusing on the fun, not your race performance.

Race in costume.
It’s hard to take racing seriously when you’re dressed as a super hero or you’re wearing a tutu. If you’d like to venture in costume racing in a race with lots of other costumed runners, try one that on Halloween (or close to it), a theme race like a Diva run or Santa race, or any race at Disney World, Disneyland, or other theme parks.

Just make sure you don’t forget the Body Glide because costumes can chafe you in places you never thought possible.