ways to honor a deceased coworker

Bring a Dish to Pass
Even if your company’s official bereavement policy allowed employees to attend the wake/visitation and/or the funeral/committal service during work hours, honor your deceased coworker by holding a special memorial service at work.

This event can take whatever form surviving staff members feel is appropriate, but holding a breakfast or luncheon is generally a nice idea. To minimize the expense, ask employees to provide a food or drink item for a buffet-style meal, after which anyone who desires to can offer a favorite memory or a few words about the coworker.

Branch Out
Many companies provide outdoor areas where employees gather during breaks, enjoy lunch or even conduct meetings when the weather is nice. If this describes your workplace, then beautify the company grounds by planting a tree in honor of the deceased and/or installing a memorial bench. Adding an engraved plaque, rock or marker bearing the employee’s name, service dates and a meaningful quotation provides a nice touch.

It’s Hammer Time
Within your company’s building, a bare wall in a reception area, entrance foyer, break room or hallway offers a perfect place to hang a memorial plaque and/or a photograph of your coworker. Either of these items could include the employee’s name and service dates, as well as a quotation if desired