ways to motivate gifted children

Nurture Your Child’s Interests

To nurture your child’s interests, provide opportunities for him or her to learn and explore that interest. For example, if your youngster loves dinosaurs, get fact and fiction books about dinosaurs and visit natural history museums. If your child loves music, get toy (or real) instruments and consider music lessons. If your child loves science, get science books and science kits and visit science museums. Kids who can explore their interests are more likely to keep their love of learning alive.

Expose Your Child to New Ideas and Areas

Sometimes a child lacks motivation because he or she hasn’t yet been exposed to what might be a life passion. A child whose true passion is music but who has never had a chance to explore it will not be able to unlock that passion. Look for community programs, not just school programs. Don’t overlook traditionally female activities, like dance and gymnastics, for boys. Keep an open mind; it’s your child’s interests that are important.

Use Short-Term Goals and Rewards
Sometimes a child gets overwhelmed by a large task. It’s not that the task is difficult, but the child may not be able to see the light a the end of the tunnel. Rather than begin the task, a child will give up before he or she even begins. Help your child see the task as a series of smaller tasks. Make each small task a goal and try setting a reward for that goal. Sometimes rewards won’t be necessary once a child is able to see the task as a manageable one.