ways to promote diversity

treating all staff and students fairly
creating an inclusive culture for all staff and students
ensuring equal access to opportunities to enable students to fully participate in the learning process and enrichment activitives
helping all staff and students to develop their full potential
equiping staff and students with the skills to challenge inequality and discrimination in their work/study environment
making certain that any learning materials do not discriminate against any individuals or groups
ensuring sure policies, procedures and processes promote equality and diversity
supporting national campaigns
engaging with communities in Bradford and beyond

The Equality and Diversity Committee meets three times a year and reports to the Academic Board, the College Management and the Corporation. It looks at many areas, including:

All matters concerning equality and diversity relating to students,
Curriculum, staffing, the College environment and external community relations.
Celebrating diversity, promoting equality and challenging inequality.
Promoting, developing, implementing and reviewing the College’s equal opportunities policies and procedures.
Developing, promoting and reviewing actions taken to embed equality and diversity within the curriculum.
Compliance with statutory duties and requirements.
Commissioning members of staff and students across College to investigate and report back on equality and diversity matters.