What are benefits of Divya Mukta Vati?


Divya Mukti Vati is an ancient ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of high blood pressure. Though western medicine claims high blood pressure cannot be cured, reasearch by Swami Ramdev’s Patanjali Yoga Pith has shown that Divya Mukta Vati can immediately reduce your blood pressure to normal within 3 or 4 days of taking, and with continued use you can become cured of the disease. For best results you should also practice the special breathing exercises (pranayama) as outlined in Swam Ramdev’s book “Pranayama: Its Philosophy & Practice”.

Main Ingredients:

A celestial medicine prepared with pious herbs found in the Himalayas, like Brahmi, Sankha-pushpi, Ustukhudusa (Arabian or French Lavender), Arjuna, Puskara-mula, Jata-mamsi, Sarpagandha, Jyotishmati, Vaca, Ashvagandha and other cooling herbs like Moti Pishti (Mukta Pishti).

Therapeutic Uses:

  • Absolutely free from side effects.
  • Cures high blood pressure caused by any reason, either by kidney disorder, heart disease or by increased cholestrol, anxiety, tension, or for hereditary reasons.
  • Also cures associated complications like insomnia, feeling of uneasiness, palpitation, pain in the chest and head. There is no need to take any extra medicine for the relief of these complications. Intake of this ‘Mukta Vati’ will not produce excessive sleep in persons who already have normal sleep.
  • There is no need to take allopathic or any other medicine along with the administration of ‘Mukta Vati’. If a patient already takes any other medicine he may stop that undoubtedly. If any patient has been taking other medicine for a long time, or is habituated to taking that medicine, then first he should gradually reduce the dose of that medicine along with the intake of ‘Mukta Vati’. Thereafter, he may stop taking that other medicine gradually.
  • Mukta Vati also gives immediate relief to those patients whose blood pressure doesn’t become normal even after taking allopathic medicine, and who are suffering from insomnia (sleeplessness) as well as uneasiness.
  • Allopathic medicines give only temporary relief, as they are not able to root out the disease, whereas ‘Mukta Vati’ cures the disease forever within a short period of one or one and a half years. It normalizes the blood pressure, and there is no need to take any other medicine.
  • If for exceptional reasons one has to take ‘Mukta Vati’ for a long time, still there is no harm as it doesn’t produce any side effect.

Mode of Administration & Dosage:

  • If B.P. is 160/100 mmhg. or more while taking allopathic medicine: 1-2 tabs, thrice a day - before breakfast, before lunch, and one hour before diner with fresh water.
  • If B.P. is 140/90 mmhg. while taking allopathic medicine: 1-2 tabs twice a day - before breakfast and diner.
  • It will be more effective if tablet is chewed first and then water is taken. Allopathic medicine should be stopped when B.P. becomes normal.


If patient is taking allopathic medicine then he should be made to check his B.P. after starting ‘Mukta Vati’. When B.P. becomes normal even without taking allopathic medicine then allopathic medicine should be discontinued. If patient is habituated to taking allopathic medicine, then the dosage should be reduced gradually and then stopped. Meanwhile 2 tablets, of ‘Mukta Vati’ (before breakfast or lunch) should be continued. If by taking ‘Mukta Vati’ (2 tabs.) once a day, B.P. becomes normal for some period, then dosage should be reduced to one tablet per day in the morning. This wil stablize B.P. in the normal level. Dose of one tablet (once a day) should be continued for some days. Then B.P. will be come 120/ 80 mmhg, or less. Now the dose of ‘Mukta Vati’ should be reduced to one tablet twice a week, and then one tab once a week. Thereafter intake of the medicine should be stopped. Now B.P. will remain normal and the patient will be healthy and fit.


  • Take light and digestive food;
  • Take 2 to 4 tumblers of water early in the morning.


Take salt in less quantity. In the place of sea-salt, rock-salt should be taken.

(40 grams of Divya Mukta Vati produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy. Approximately 120 tablets per bottle.)