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what are macule skin blemishes

A macule is a flat, distinct, discolored area of skin less than 1 centimeter (cm) wide. It doesn’t involve any change in the thickness or texture of the skin. Areas of discoloration that are larger than 1 cm are referred to as patches

Certain conditions such as vitiligo are characterized by white or lighter macules or patches on the skin.

Although people of all ages can have macules, they mostly affect:

young children
older adults

Macules can appear on any part of your body, but they commonly appear on the following:

A macule may be either hypopigmented or hyperpigmented. Hypopigmented macules are lighter than your skin. Hyperpigmented ones are darker and are sometimes referred to as cafe au lait spots.

A birthmark may be considered a macule if it’s small.

A rash may be referred to as a macule if its color is different from the color of your skin. Infections or other diseases can cause this form of macule.

Call your doctor if you start getting new macules or have old macules that become inflamed or itchy, or show some other change. This may be a sign of infection or a dermatological condition.