What are some diseases of excretory system?

Nephritis is the inflammation of one or both kidneys. Herein the organs of body get affected through autoimmune disorders. Out of the disorders, lupus nephritis is a potentially serious condition. In this, the auto immune system of the body attacks body tissues, organs and body cells. The result is pain at the start and body organ damage for continued diseases.

Causes: This is caused by the inflammation of the first part of nephron (the basic kidney unit), which is called glomerulus.


Smelly urine
Pain in lower abdomen
Blood in urine

nephrosis includes symptoms of swelling, protein in urine, low blood protein levels, high cholesterol levels and elevated triglyceride levels.

Causes: The causes of nephrosis include membranous nephropathy, immune system disorders, genetic problems, kidney malfunction, infections such as hepatitis, mononucleosis or strep throat, use of certain medications, etc.


Swelling in face, abdomen, arm and legs.
Foamy urine
Slight weight gain due to retained fluids
Loss of appetite

Kidney Stones

Definition: These are smaller sized deposits of calcium and can be seen in the nephrons. The stones could also increase or go down to urinary tract causing extreme pain. The stone may also get infected causing further set of complications

Causes: The main cause is change/increase in salt and mineral levels and that of other substances in urine. This may later on cause coagulation and increase size of stones. The other reason can be heredity.


Vomiting or nausea
Painful urination
Frequent urination
Fever or chills
Bloody or smelly urine
Sharp pain of the back or the side