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what are specific learning disabilities

Appears to possess average or above average intelligence based on
standardized intelligence tests but does not perform at expected
achievement levels when exposed to conventional teaching

Academic (In general)
Scores indicate inconsistency and great variability between
expectancy and performance
Short attention span; unable to concentrate on any one task for
very long
Easily distracted by irrelevant stimuli
Disorganized in the use of books and materials
Unable to follow and understand class discussion; appears to be
inattentive or daydreaming


  1. Difficulty in analyzing and solving math problems of various
    complexity (one or multiple step), including those involving

Difficulty in associating the spoken form with the correct printed
Difficulty in learning the cardinal and ordinal system of counting
Difficulty in understanding the meaning of the process sign
Difficulty in understanding the arrangement of numbers on a page
Inability to follow and remember the sequence of steps used in
various mathematical operations
Difficulty with concepts of space, time, size, distance, quantity
and/or linear measurement