What are the health benefits of salt lamps?

Salt lamps promote wellness by naturally generating negatively charged ions that improve health. In contrast, the positive ions emitted from fluorescent lights, heaters, air conditioners and other electrical appliances and devices are associated with poor air quality and adverse health effects. A salt lamp can help to balance positive and negative ions to enhance overall air quality and treat illness, states lila Desy.

The negative ions emitted from salt lamps increase chi energy and help to protect against the harmful effects of positive ions such as lowered energy level and poor mood. Additionally, salt lamps can help to neutralize the air and reduce infections transmitted through the air, reports lila Desy. Salt lamps also reduce smoke, dust, bacteria and other allergens in the air, explains NewsMax.

An illuminated salt lamp attracts moisture by producing heat and emitting beneficial negative ions as water evaporates through it. The more heated a salt lamp becomes, the greater its capacity to emit negative ions, notes lila Desy. A nightlight-sized salt lamp is effective for treating the air in small spaces, while a larger lamp is required to produce beneficial effects on the air of a larger room.