What are the home remedies to get rid of head lice?

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instead of trying out home remedies I would recommend you to take lice killer from pharmacy and use. it will kill all lice and you will get relief.

mayonnaise works wonders. buy big bottle of whatever cheapest u can find, lather up the hair (especially making sure you are get down to the scalp really well), put in shower cap over nite, (doesn’t have to be the complete nite but if I’m going to go thru putting mayo in hair…I’m making it count and with shower cap on you’ll barely notice it), wake up and rinse really well… do not apply shampoo/conditioner at this time. Once rinsed take lice or fine toothed comb and starting with scalp, comb thru hair to remove any eggs still attached to the hair paying close attention to root. eggs and lice should be alReady dead. once completed combing dead bugs and eggs, wash hair with shampoo &/or conditioner and style as usual. complete as needed but once should take care of problem if bedding, furniture, coats & hats, etc are treated properly as well