What are the pressure points in su-jok therapy for anaemic patient?

Basic energy points, the scheme on hands (while in fact this was performed on feet):
This simple scheme has been doing much more than even a specialist could expect:
— his state seriously improved during a week, so he was able to get up from bed and since then actually hasn’t been in bed for any significant time, except 2 week-long courses in hospital
— during one of his stay in hospital for blood transfusion with hemoglobin of 45, when one can hardly breathe, he was walking over the premises, watched TV outside the room and even smoked, to amaze doctors and staff.

Spiral schemes, real patient’s hand:
— to prevent further destruction of bone marrow cells and collect energy in bone marrow
Heat—>Darkness: Burn (destruction) sedate, Cold tone up, done on left palm, structural aspects

— to treat aplastic anemia as progressing deterioration, resulting in total loss of bone marrow function, the scheme opposite to previous:
Heat—>Darkness: Cold (function loss) sedate, Burn tone up, done on right palm, functional aspects

Due to certain reasons, the initial versions of the Spiral schemes had opposite spin to what’s usually considered for left and right palms.

Later sequence was added to strengthen capillaries walls to fight petechiae. With no direct path to capillaries in 8 Qi, the scheme assumed Light energy, so far they are Neitro in Triorigin classification:
Light (capillaries)—>Dryness (walls)

this proved working well, and since that the petechiae seriously dropped
(100% vanishing at times).

To stimulate bone marrow in hip bone through points on finger joints, irradiating by pulsing green light.:

Despite being relatively mild treatment and green light being generally harmonizing tool, this used to cause very strong pain later at night making the patient wake up at 2 AM asking for painkiller, and even asking to stop doing this scheme.
This tells, aplastic anemia can create serious energy blocks inside bones to complicate treatment.