what are these light yellow balls that come out of my throat?

They smell and make my breath have a bad odor. What can I do for it?

Yellow or green mucus is mostly due to infection but if you do have an infection you will also have other symptoms, such as fever, congestion. If there is large volumes of it, call your doctor.

Basically, it’s food bits that get stuck and rot. My doctor calls them tonsiliths (not sure I spelled that correctly) or tonsil stones. One of my kids get them. She usually just lets them come out on their own. I get them too but I have a salon tool for blackheads , but I use it to get it to dig them out cuz it has kind of like a loop.on it. It’s made by Tweezerman and is easily sanitized. If you gag easily, then just wait for them to come out or try to loosen it with a q-tip. They really do come out on their own, they just smell bad but are harmless (I’ve been getting them my whole life).