what are these spots on my mri

small white spots on the brain can mean a lot of things. Without actually seeing the images myself or the radiologist report, it is really impossible to tell what these might be, so the best thing to do is to speak with a neurologist. In older patients, these white specks might actually represent vascular disease or small strokes. These are quite prominent in older people

Small white matter changes may also be seen in younger patients that have a history of migraine headaches. They can also be a sign of inflammation in the brain, though this would have to be associated with symptoms that would suggest that inflammation is occurring. I think that if you want to give opinion on what these could be, you should schedule an appointment with a neurologist.

He or she will be able to look at your MRI images and compare those to the radiologists report. In addition, the neurologist can listen to your symptoms and decide if they fit of these white specks. For example if you reported headaches that were associated with nausea, then your neurologist with likely attribute these to migraine headaches. A full neurological review of systems and exam can rule out conditions such as multiple sclerosis. Finally, if vascular disease is suspected, then you and your doctor can discuss ways to improve your vascular health with blood pressure control and control of cholesterol levels.