what can be done about a traveling pain in my leg?

I had bad knee pain for a couple weeks, then it completly stopped and moved to my shin for about a week, then it stopped and moved to my ankle, the ankle pain is not as bad but there is alot of swelling

Apply cold if it swollen then when swelling is all the way down add heat, do not take any advil its not good for that type of pain, if its not swollen use heat for 15min 2× an hour for 3 hours a day for no longer than a week at a time. Also putting your leg upright (leaned upward with the leg in the air) may help reduce pain and swelling if present!
Good luck!

This could be a blood clot in your leg. This is a medical emergency. You should go to ER for professional help. Sorry,im not trying to scare you. If you travel alot in a car over 2 hours without getting out to walk around, this may be what can happen. It is very serious possibility.