What can be used to prevent Maternal Mortality

I am interested in knowing what can be used to prevent this problem. Most of the situation starts with miscarriage. What is out there that can help?

Is it maternal mortality or foetal mortality ?
I think u r asking about foetal mortality as you mentioned the term miscarriage.

It is foetal mortality

The cause of a miscarriage can be hard to determine. Most miscarriages occur because the fetus isn’t developing normally. Problems with the baby’s genes or chromosomes are typically causes.
In rare cases, a health condition in the mother may lead to miscarriage like uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid disease, infections, hormonal problems, and problems with the uterus or cervix.
In majority of cases miscarriages are beyond a mother’s control. Give at least three months after miscarriage before trying to become pregnant again. Talk to your doctor.