what can do to solve premature ejaculation ?

My premature ejaculation is terrible can’t last 20sec during sex, i have tried many drugs and herbs, more than 15yrs now, not working, please help me out…

Ejaculating in three to four minutes is actually very normal and it’s only in porn that people seem to have vaginal intercourse for hours.Main reason of premature ejaculations isover excitation nd stress.
1:)Squeeze technique:When you are sexually excited and have an erect penis, squeeze the tip of the penis where the skin joins with the tip of the penis (frenulum). Use your thumb to squeeze the frenulum against your index finger. The squeeze has to be firm but not too painful and should last for only 10-15 seconds. For this technique to work, you should be able to feel the approaching point of inevitability (i.e. the point beyond which you can’t control ejaculation). Finally, when you’re about to reach that point, you or your partner can squeeze the tip of the penis, which will stop you from ejaculating.
2.)Stop-start technique:Seman’s manoeuvre A simple training procedure is to stimulate your penis (either yourself or by your partner) but stop stimulation before you reach the point. Rest for 30 to 60 seconds and then start stimulating your penis again, stopping short of point of inevitability. You should repeat this cycle of stimulation-rest-further stimulation, five or six times before allowing yourself to ejaculate every time you masturbate on your own or have sex with a partner. There are three stages you can try this technique and you should ideally go from one to the other: