what can i do to ease the horrors of methadone and benzo withdrawl at the same time

I’ve been on methodone for 12 yrs a docter prescribed me benzine clanozipam been on it 3 yrs now I’m lost my insurance can’t pay for anything I’m having suicidal thoughts all the other side effects and I’m barley started to withdraw help…

There is nothing you can do to treat thus with anything natural.

Methadone is very cheap…even if your insurance isn’t continuing to pay for it, it doesn’t cost more than $40/monthly

You should be able to getinto a methadone clinic because of your past history, of what they would consider, “abuse” of you’re going off it immediately. Not that you’re abusing it, however medically they would consider that on a drug treatment setting…

Going off that medication instantly could very well kill you, and that’s no joke. Seizures and possible stroke…common.

There are other medications for withdrawal but they’re very expensive, methadone I’d the cheapest. Either get the money for the prescription which is cheap, or find a treatment program.

You may possibly want to consider the emergency room as going of it cold turkey isn’t safe…they could point you in the sea of a treatment center…the same kind they use for heroine addicts.

Time is the only remedy for clonazepam withdrawal. Rest, eat organic produce, hydrate, stay away from caffeine and vitamins, and get in the sun. Look for benzo buddies online. You’ll find support.