what can I do to heal or minimize the open sore between my toes??

Between the pinky toe and next toe I have a fungus growth that’s extremely painful!! It is an open wound caused from too much moisture… my toes are swollen and it feels like my toes are broken… … the only thing I found to remedy it is to go without shoes or socks 24/7 for 10-14 days. There’s No way that is possible with work etc.
Please help.

I have the same issue in the same spot. I don’t think mine is a fungus tho. My pinky toe wants to “hide” behind other toe and usually it’s just dead skin but when peel it off it’s definitely from moisture & leaves a open sore. I haven’t found anything that is effective long term. I tried corn starch, baby powder, even putting rice in shoes when not wearing them hoping to get moisture out of shoes. BTW don’t forget to get all the rice out that’s painful too. Maybe someone can help us out. Sorry my ideas failed, please someone have an answer for this painful issue.

Try using soaps that contain tea tree oil; they will help clean the foot and prevent further damaging outbreaks. If you try using tea tree oil by itself, make sure as with most essential oils, that you use a carrier oil (vegetable, olive, etc) to not have it burn your skin which would obviously irritate it further.