what can I do to keep my pt and inr within normal limits

I have been working with my husbands doctors since 2009. I have gotten in the habit of making sure he drinks more water and less sugary drinks like juices and pop. Also more veggies just cooked with less added fats. Also, this is one I have to fight the most, variety of meats. My husband is not able to eat ANY kind of fowl or fish without getting sick. So while I have experimented with different types of red meats and pork, I have found that as long as I cook with NO additional fat or grease, buy the lowest level of fat content possible, I can maintain his levels. Don’t knock the healing process of sleep either. If you are not getting at the least 5 hours than you are not being proactive in your health care. Even if you are not tired your body is and by not letting it rest, you are working it overtime. If you are getting sleep but wake up tired, consult your doctor about getting a sleep study done BEFORE you ask for sleep meds. I hope you are able to use any of this. Good luck & best of regards.