what can i do to stop the chills in my 10 yr old daughter?

chills, shaking perfusley ,slight fever and i have given her ibroprophine and kept her warm.she is resting and has drank lots of water to keep her from getting dehydrated.what else can i do?

Fever accompanying with chills is the body’s natural response to a variety of conditions, such as infection.
-Drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest.
-Sponging with comfortably warm water may help in reducing a fever.
-Give acetaminophen which is effective in fighting a fever and chills.
-Dress the child in light clothing preferably cotton clothes.
-Don’t bundle a feverish child in blankets.
-Don’t wake a sleeping child to give medication or take a temperature as sleep is more important.
-See doctor if the fever does not improve after 3 days or having other symptoms.