what can I use to make my vagina smells like water

My suggestion is AVOID scented pads, panty liners, perfumes, powders, etc in the vaginal area. When showering or bathing DON’T lather up your vaginal area with soaps of any kind as they throw off the ph balance. There’s nothing worse than freshening up for your special someone and end up coming out the shower with a fishy odor in the vaginal area. Just use plain water. Rinse your hands, sponge, or towel off thoroughly before cleaning your vaginal area. DON’T douche either, unless a doctor recommends it. Do this and you will not notice any odor coming from your vagina. FYI: if you use latex condoms you may have the scent of the latex but that goes away by the next day as your body naturally flushes your vagina out. Frequent use of condoms can cause latex allergy to occur, or bv (bacterial vaginitis), or yeast infections.
Good luck