what does cocaine high feel like

The cocaine high, also known as cocaine intoxication, is one of the most widely recognized cocaine effects among cocaine users. The high is often the main reason for taking cocaine. This is true for people who are experimenting with cocaine use, are occasional cocaine users, binge cocaine users, and people in the early stages of cocaine addiction. But social cocaine use is also quite common.

The cocaine high involves psychological changes, which are changes to how the person thinks and feels emotional, as well as physical changes.

Some of these changes are caused by the effects of cocaine on the brain and nervous system, and some are due to personal feelings that the cocaine user brings to the experience. This is why, although there are similarities among cocaine users’ experiences of the cocaine high, the effect cocaine has on each person is different. So although aspects of cocaine intoxication are common among cocaine users, they may experience some, but not all, of these cocaine effects.