what does it feel like to get high on acid

I think far too much and that ruined it a few times for me for sure. Its crazy how it can go from good to bad to worse in a matter of seconds. My friends, like you say, can just “let go” so its never happened to them and it’s impossible to describe to them how it can just take over. Pity I never realized this before I took shrooms, that was a fucking horrible experience for me.

First time I did a tab, I was with a friend that smiled and held up a kitchen knife to his face, looking like he was about to gut me. He was also on acid for the first time and I had no idea if he was tricking me or going insane. Then he cooked some hamburger helper and I kept visualizing live pigs being skewered in the flames of Hell, and the DLP HDTV was paused on this blurry face of a guy and it kept moving in weird ways, and it was dark, and he was playing dark rap music. I listened to Immortal Technique’s Dancing with the Devil for the first time.

Him and his girlfriend also told ME to walk into a convenience store to buy cigarettes or something for them, and it looked like the cashier was looking straight into my soul, through the store window, through the car window, from like 40 feet away. It was insane.

When I came home, all I could think of was homeless people suffering from heart attacks and drug overdoses, all alone, cold, and in the pouring rain. And I kept telling myself “I’m not a man… I’m just a scared little boy.” and all this other dark shit.